Anita + Max {Whidbey Island Portrait Photography}

Anita + Max are a young, dynamic couple who I really enjoyed photographing. They eloped at the court house a couple years back and didn’t have any professional photos taken. We thought a hike to a few of their favorite spots would be the best way to show who they are. We started at deception pass and continued to Goose rock and finally Rosario Beach, where they first lived as newlyweds. Thanks guys for letting me follow you around on this rainy afternoon 🙂 Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_1Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_9Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_8Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_7Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_6Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_5Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_4Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_3Whidbey_Island_Wedding_Photographer_2

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