Colleen+Noah {Key West Wedding Photography, Old Town Manor}

Colleen + Noah were married at The Old Town Manor bed and breakfast in Key West, Florida. I’m sorry but any couple who gets hitched in Key West is pretty awesome! This is the most fun I’ve ever had shooting a wedding. Everyone was so excited to celebrate the love of these two!! Nika of Soiree Key West helped put together this extravaganza! It literally was a dream come true! Congrats Noah + Colleen we love you! xo Key West Wedding Photographykey_West_Wedding_photography_Old_3Town_Manor_2key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_2key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_4key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_5key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_6key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_7key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_8key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_9key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_10key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_11key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_12key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_13key_West_Wedding_photography_Old_Town_Manor_14

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