Glacier National Park Engagement | Michael + Alyssa

“And those roads, they roam through big fields, yeah

Those roads, my heart, they come still, they come still…”-Trevor Hall, Green Mountain State

It was just so surreal driving on that beautiful road listening to Trevor Hall and Nahko and Medicine for the People. When a session can fill your soul and make time stop that’s when I am reminded that this is what I want my life to be filled with. Michael and Alyssa’s Glacier National Park Engagement is one I will never forget and will hold dear in my heart.

This Glacier National Park Engagement in Montana was by far one of the most beautiful places in North America that I’ve been to and I think they would agree.

couple sitting by tent couple portraits by tent and lake couple holding hands by lake a rainbow through the car window engagement rings by a rainbow couple sharing a kiss by a rainbow couple dancing by a rainbow couple walking along the road couple portraits by a rainbow in the mountains couple giving piggyback rides in the mountains couple portraits by the lake couple portraits by the lake couple portraits by the lake couple looking at a picture on their phone couple portraits for engagement in the mountains couple portraits for engagement in the mountainscouple portraits for engagement in the mountains couple portraits for engagement in the mountainscouple dancing in the mountains in the bear grass

It is Michael and Alyssa’s favorite spot they go to every year. Michael proposed there to Alyssa during one of their visits next to the lake. Not only does it hold a piece of their love story but Michael also holds a retreat and takes attendees there where they can learn about Native American Traditions.

If you’re planning a trip to your favorite National Park and want to document your Engagement make sure to reach out and connect. I love being able to work it out with my couples when we are both going to be in the area just like we were able to do for this Engagement; as well as plan ahead to be available when you go!

We met up in July where we were staying. It’s called Under Canvas and it was SO cute! They have a few other locations at National Parks and you stay in a canvas tent. Inside it’s all west elm bedding and furniture with a wood stove to keep you warm on the chilly nights. It’s the perfect way to camp but still have all the amenities of home.

When planning an adventure session finding a location to stay at can add to your experience. Under Canvas were only 7 miles from Glacier National Park and such a cute touch to their engagement session.

We started at Under Canvas and then rode together making down the sun road at the beginning of the park to the breathtaking lake where Michael proposed to Alyssa. It was really sweet as they reminisced and recreated that forever after moment. We then continued driving and the weather was starting to look like it was going to storm with dark clouds coming in. Then all of sudden as we were anticipating the rain a rainbow came out!

Sometimes the most magical moments come when you least expect them. We took full advantage of the rainbow and pulled over to get some awesome shots while we cherished the moment.

We had so much fun in the car just laughing and getting to know each other. Also found out we even had the same taste in music. Like we had been friends forever. We continued on and explored some more beautiful spots throughout the park. We then stopped at the spot Michael’s father’s ashes are. It such a sweet moment that tugged at my heart strings. This place wasn’t just another dreamy location it had life and meaning within it for them. I was so honored to be able to capture this piece of their journey.

With the mountains in the background and them dancing through the bear grass it was such a dreamlike moment. This is what I love.

They are so genuine and adventurous. The way that they love each other is undeniable. It’s not just seeing it in the pictures but how it radiates off them in their smiles and in the still moments. If you love this Glacier National Park Engagement and want more inspiration make sure to check out this Arch Cape Engagement in Oregon.

Beach, Mountains, and beyond if you’re planning your engagement, contact me and let’s start creating your adventure!

Love, kim Stanton

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