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Islamorada Wedding | Lauren + Devin

This Islamorada Destination Wedding is a never-ending party. Imagine a tropical getaway with your close friends and family celebrating on the beach all night long. This wedding was never-ending fun and truly encompasses what a Key West wedding is all about.

Getaway and say I do in Islamorada. Keep scrolling to see the most chill and fun wedding on the island. As well as their best pup who was the life of the party.

Islamorada is a village covering 6 of the Florida Keys. It is known for its gorgeous coral reefs. They got married on the island in November. Their venue for all the day’s festivities was Drop Anchor Resort located right in the keys. It is a fun tropical setting vacation lodge on Windley Key in Islamorada. It is a colorful fun atmosphere that really has a little of everything.

When your venue is already a fun and vibrant vibe it allows you to get creative and DIY other pieces of your day.

Lauren did so much of the wedding planning prep everything herself. She made her bouquet; centerpieces and all-around DIY planned the rest of the details and day. It turned out so beautiful. She really brought even more life to the day. It was supposed to rain on their wedding day, so they last-minute ordered a tent. But thankful gorgeous Florida came through and it ended being beautiful weather. No rain in sight.

Lauren and Devin had their rescue dog in every part of their wedding day.

Lauren and Devin rescued him from the Bahamas. He is called a Potcake. They are a mixed breed found on several Caribbean Islands. The name comes from the overcooked rice that cakes to the bottom of the pot that would be fed to the dogs. And let me tell you their pup was the sweetest and lovey dog I have ever met. He is the cutest. Just following them around all day, photobombing like it was his job. And I was loving every minute of it. You could just see the love radiating off him as he would look up at them constantly. It was precious.

First look done the tropical way. This Island just complimented how gorgeous Lauren looked in her wedding dress.

After they shared a sweet first look moment, we took bridal party photos. The vibrant fun setting really captured their wedding party’s energy. It was perfect. The ceremony was a fun and laid-back Keys-style wedding. When it came time for their reception, they had an awesome live band. They are called Uproot Hootenanny. The super fun band who just elevated the energy.

It is so great to have live music at your wedding. It adds to the whole energy of the day and experience.

Everyone had a great time. They had a roasted pig which was a cool way to do dinner during their reception. It was beautiful from the start of the day, sunset, and then dancing the night away under the lights.

When it comes to Island weddings in Islamorada, I am your girl. This is where my heart sings. Send me a message and let us create some tropical magic! If you are looking for more Islamorada Wedding magic, you can find more on the blog.

Love, kim Stanton

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