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I met Jenna + Nabil on a quiet beach for their engagement session. I’m based in both Florida and Whidbey Island, Washington, which is north of Seattle. Anyone will tell you I’m a Florida girl at heart and love the sunshine and warmer temps. But Whidbey Island is so gorgeous, and it blows me away with its beauty every time. Jenna + Nabil are into adventure, the outdoors, and exploring, and are just a super fun couple. We talked about locations for their shoot and decided a Whidbey Island beach engagement session was the perfect fit for them!


Jenna is a blogger and has a YouTube channel called Tiny House, Giant Journey (you’ll want to subscribe if you’re into sustainable living!).

She and Nabil are both into tiny houses (obviously!), minimalism, traveling, staying active, and are just an amazing, inspiring couple. They were down for a mini adventure and came prepared for a fun time.

Keep scrolling to see some running, yoga poses, amazing sunsets, and the beautiful Whidbey Island coast!


For their beach session, Nabil wore a blue jacket which he had specially made for him while they were traveling in India. It was on that same trip that he proposed to Jenna, and the ring he chose for her has a map of the world engraved on it. It’s such a unique and beautiful ring. It’s also so meaningful for them, their relationship, and their shared passions.

We started off the session by walking along the beach, exploring and laughing while I took photos. Jenna + Nabil have the cutest dog, who was super sweet and more than happy to splash around in the water. The light was amazing and they were so relaxed and fun! They tried out some couples yoga poses on the sand, ran when I asked them to, danced in the grass, and just laughed and had a blast the entire time we were together. Nabil popped some champagne – which is my favorite way to celebrate an engagement session! – and their faces were priceless.

They’re getting married soon, and I’m so excited for their wedding!


Having an engagement or couples session before the wedding day is so important, and I can’t recommend it enough. Not only do you get some amazing photos together, you have a chance to really bond with your photographer – and each other – before your big day.


As the sun dipped down below the horizon, Jenna + Nabil snuggled up on a blanket stretched out over the sand. The waves rolled in behind them as the wind whipped through Jenna’s hair, and the sky turned to soft shades of pink. I couldn’t help but feel that even on different paths, no matter where they had ended up in the world, they would have found each other anyway. This is true love, and these two wanderers deserve all the amazing things life has in store for them.

I’m so happy that Jenna + Nabil found me and asked me to be a part of such a pivotal moment in their relationship. I absolutely loved spending time with them, and can’t wait to see them tie the knot!


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If you’re visiting Washington and want to get some epic photos of you and your love out on an adventure, CONTACT ME so we can start planning!

Love, kim Stanton


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