Hemingway House Wedding in the Key West | Savannah + Will

I could go on and on about this breathtaking Hemingway House Wedding in the Key West. Savannah and Will are just the sweetest. They are one of my absolute favorite couples and their love story is the real deal! Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Key West but it’s an amazing place at the southern tip of Florida. It’s so much fun and the energy there is great.

The Hemingway House Wedding is one that is filled with rich history, good vibes in the key west, and a love story starting in middle school. If you’re not already excited to read more keep scrolling because it gets better.

Savannah and Will are middle school sweethearts. Which is super rare, right? They met in middle school and were together and then got more serious in high school and have been together ever since. Seriously the dreamiest couple. I mean let me tell you Savannah is stunning. She is gorgeous. Drop-dead gorgeous. Wait until you see these pictures. Her beauty is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. She has this way of making everyone feel so welcome and cared for. She is such a beautiful soul. I am obsessed with them, can you tell? Will as well is such a perfect match for Savanah. He is so calm and collected. Such a genuine person.

It’s amazing to me that these 2 incredible people found each other in middle school. They share so much love together and it radiated off them their whole wedding day.

They got married at the Ernest Hemingway Home. It’s so historic and beautiful. I could go on and on about the Hemingway home. Hemingway was known for having cats with 6 toes. It’s a special gene that these cats carry. They still live at the home today. It’s a museum during the day and you can rent it out for events. It was really cool to see the historic cats walking around the venue.

Behind the scenes fun fact: A Hemmingway cat peed on me. I totally got peed on by a cat at the Hemmingway House Wedding.

Anyway, now that you know some of the reality behind the scenes, let’s talk more about this storybook day! They got ready at a cute little key west Airbnb. Savanah had the cutest details from her invitations to her stunning jewelry. I mean she went all the way with every little detail, and I was just obsessed. After I ran over to the groom and got some photos of him and his guys getting ready. They were super chill and relaxed. Before Savanah and Will shared their first look Savanah had a first look with her dad. It was a super sweet moment. This took place at the fort at Fort Zachary Taylor. It’s also super historic as well. Will was waiting in this little nook at one of the forts when savannah arrived for their first look. After they met with their wedding party for some photos and celebration. And before you know it, we were headed out to their ceremony for their one-of-a-kind Hemmingway House Wedding.

The brick of the fort and the texture, really everything of how the fort looked they really loved. It held so much history and stories in every little nook and detail and was so beautiful and romantic.

They had a nighttime ceremony at the Hemmingway House and truly a beautiful evening with their closest friends and family. The whole ceremony was gorgeous and just really sweet. The reception area had a huge chandelier and bistro lights. Savannah had a beautiful vision for what she wanted. And she brought it to life with Destination Wedding Studio her coordinator. Her words were she wanted the vision to be romantic and vintage all the garden feels. She loves the Addison bistro lights and wanted to incorporate the romantic lighting in the photos as well as the chandelier. It was very neutral and gold antique vintage looking. Absolutely stunning in every way. Everyone partied the night away and had an amazing night. They then ended the night with a super fun sparkler exit!

It was just one of those weddings where you are super thankful to have been a part of it. Savanah and Will are the real deal couple. Middle school and now as husband and wife!

I am seriously so lucky to get to document so many incredible love stories. If you are a sucker for the sweetest love stories just like this Hemmingway House Wedding make sure to see this Orcas Island Elopement and this Oregon Wedding.

Vendors: The Ernest Hemingway House, Catered Affairs, Karro Florals and Events, Destination Wedding Studio, and Ali’s Handmade Cookies.

Love, kim Stanton

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