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Horseshoe Bend Engagement | Lindsey + Ryan

Horseshoe Bend is such a dream with all its magic and views for days. Red rocks and gorgeous sunsets have me always running back to this location when in Arizona. So, when I was in Utah for a wedding with Linsdey and Ryan, I knew we had to make it happen for them. Everyone deserves to have epic engagement photos.

Keep scrolling to see why Horseshoe Bend is a perfect destination engagement location. Get ready to fall in love with Arizona, the desert and get inspired for your own adventure session.

I have known Lindsey for a long time. Lindsey moved to Colorado about 6 or 7 years ago and that is where she met Ryan. They have been inseparable ever since and they love exploring together. You could say they have the title of the ultimate outdoors couple. In the winter they Ski, Snowboard, and Snowshoe. In the summer, they Rock Climb and Hike. If that was not already adorable enough let us not forget their cute/fluffy Alaskan Malamute, Rocky. Who happens to have his own Instagram with all their Colorado adventures.

Ultimate outdoorsy couple + cutest adventure pup = one RAD couple!

I love that their life and love is all about adventure. So, knowing all of this I knew that they had to go somewhere epic for their engagement. We were all in Utah for a wedding, so I reached out and told them why not go to one of the coolest places, Horseshoe Bend. They were down for it right away. We had hoped to rock climb in one of the slot canyons, but they were closed at the time (thanks Covid). But that did not stop the magic from happening.

Visiting a new epic location? Changing plans up and want to opt for a fun destination? Whatever it is you need I got your back! I want to personalize your engagement to tell your love story. So just say the word and I am there.

We ended up catching the sunset at horseshoe bend. If I have not said it enough, it is one of my absolute favorite locations in the world. It is so beautiful. The view is insane. It is a magical place. Now before all this, these two were hiking the Narrows in Zion all day. They drove 2 hours from Zion to Horeshoe Bend. On the drive, Lindsey got ready in the car. She is a total adventure rockstar! We were afraid they might not make it in time due to the time change but it ALL worked out!

This location can tend to have tourists around so it can be tricky if you are not familiar with working in this kind of setting. Thankfully, this is what I thrive in, so I was able to work angles and make them look as if they were the only ones there.

It was a beautiful evening hanging out with them and celebrating their engagement. Lindsey also used to be a model, so she absolutely rocked the session. Her gorgeous dress is from Free People. These two are getting married in Cabo 2021, Woohoo! It will be a gorgeous celebration for the coolest couple.

Are you as obsessed with the desert vibes in Horseshoe Bend as much as I am? If you are looking for more, make sure to visit this Zion National Park Wedding. Send me a message and let us start planning your destination engagement.

Love, kim Stanton

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