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        Getting to document the love between Lulu and Jason was so much fun. Take gorgeous Florida beaches then mix it with one of the most incredible South Florida wedding planners and throw in a whole lot of love. And just like that, you have yourself  a super romantic beach engagement.

        These two are incredible and brought the romance to their Stuart beach engagement session in Florida. Just wait until you see these gorgeous drone photos with her captivating dress! I highly recommend adding the drone option to your engagement session, you WON’T regret it! I hope they have these hanging on their wall at home already because they are gorgeous!

        Let’s start by talking about Lulu for a minute. She is a wedding planner for a company called Above The Rest Events. She owns the company alongside her sister. They are just too awesome. Short backstory, they both were at the country concert in Las Vegas that had the shooting.

        Both sisters talk about how much they are just so thankful for every day they are given. They have been living life to the fullest ever since and have traveled together for a full year. They are just such amazing powerful women.

        When she called me to get information about booking and we just connected right away and chatted for an hour. It was supposed to be like a 15-minute phone call, and it turned into over an hour. She was just one of those people that you are intrigued by, and you connect with so much right away.

        She is super special, and I really appreciate her light and the ability to look at the Brightside after something so tragic. So, to be able to be a part of such a beautiful piece of her story was an absolute honor.

        The romantic beach engagement was at the House of Refuge and at a little nature preserve closer to their house in Port Saint Lucie. Both locations are absolutely breathtaking but Lulu was stealing the show!

        Lulu’s dress created some dramatic images during their beach engagement, especially with the drone shots.

        They both shared how much they are thankful to have found each other and how they bring out the best in each other. They both are super fun and relaxed. Lulu and Jason love going to concerts together and enjoy boating, you know all the Florida things. They really wanted to portray that and the excitement in their engagement session.  So, we did just that while running around on the beach and lots of popping champagne and spraying to celebrate.

        They are getting married in December at The Lake House in Fort Pierce. And I just know their wedding is going to be awesome. I mean she is one of the best wedding planners in Florida so it’s going to just be perfect.

        They are such a super special couple, and I am so thankful I get to celebrate these incredible moments with them.

        If you’ve fallen in love with this engagement, then I have just what you need…two more incredible engagement sessions, one at Mount Baker and one at Jupiter Beach. Ready, set, GO!